Artificial Grass

Artificial grass

Artificial grass can transform how you use your garden and you’ll soon fine that you spend more time enjoying and relaxing in your garden than having to manage and maintain it.

It’s both child and dog friendly so don’t worry if you think it wouldn’t be suitable for your family. We work with Namgrass to supply our customers with the highest quality artificial grass possible that won’t hurt children if you they fall over nor will it harm your
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Village Green

For a vibrant,
evergreen finish

Artificial Grass Epsom
Always Green
Village Green provides you with the same terrific attributes of Summer Lawn with exception of a green thatch layer. The green thatch layer adds a more vibrant evergreen appearance to your artificial lawn. As with all Always Green ,M products this turf is extremely durable featuring a premier backing cloth where each grass blade is secured, to deliver not only extreme resistance to pull force, but is also perforated so liquids can easily pass through. The new standard in artificial grass.

Playing Field

The perfect
surface for play

Artificial Grass Epsom
Always Green
Always Green Playing Field has been developed specifically with the rough and tumble of child’s play in mind. The monofilament turf fibres have exceptional split resistance compared to conventional turf fibres. Built to FIFA standards the yarn is not only durable but slide friendly and simply great to play on. The kids will have hours of fun on and will last for many years.
Artificial Grass Epsom
Artificial Grass Epsom

Summer Lawn

Delivers a natural
look to your lawn

Artificial Grass Epsom
Always Green Summer Lawn is a unique multitoned product, creatively made to perfectly replicate natural grass. Always Green’M Summer Lawn light reflection technology and the incorporation of jute colours in the thatch layer make this product extremely realistic. Get the garden you deserve.

There are a variety of artificial grasses to choose from that cover all budgets and come in a variety of shades to ensure that your grass is the perfect shade of green you want.

No matter how big or small your outside space is, we can fit artificial grass for you, we cater for all the following needs:

General home lawn
Sports surfaces
Golf Greens
School Play areas
If you are interested in finding out more about our Artificial Grass installation service, Please contact us today for more information or to request for a quote or call us on 0208 393 8144
Artificial Grass Epsom

Always Green products are made in Britain by the world’s leading supplier of artificial grass yarn so we can guarantee the provenance of our artificial grass

Always Green has a realistic look of genuine grass due to its unique yarn mix and stitch rate giving it real body, vital for the realistic look of grass

Always Green is made from 100% polyethylene which creates a soft feel yet sturdy structure to maximise ‘bouncebackability’ ideal for kids and pet play. Cheaper artificial grasses tend to add less expensive polypropylene into their blend, leaving a coarse, plastic feel

Always Green is always tested to rigorous durability standards. The technology used to create our yarn has been certified to meet the strict criteria of professional sporting organisations such as FIFA, the IRB and FIH – ensuring extreme durability

Always Green is guaranteed against UV damage for 10 years, exceeding EU standards and staying soft and looking good for longer. Lower quality artificial grass becomes brittle and misshapen after long exposure to the sun

Always Green ensure their backing cloth is of high quality to ensure that once laid the artificial grass stitches remain supple and strong and can withstand the rigors of domestic use

Always Green uses premium quality latex coated backing to eliminate movement and slippage yet strong enough to handle sustained activity. Inferior products will often resort to using fillers to add weight, compromising their product durability.